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Cub Scouts! Do Your Best! Do Your Best!

2022 Pinewood Derby!

It is that time of year again for the Pinewood Derby.

We’ve already passed out car kits. If you are new or didn’t receive one, please reach out to Bobbie or Jere. You MUST start with the official kit. Each Scout gets a car kit with dues. Siblings and adults who wish to enter a car may purchase them from the Scout Shop or use the Paypal button on our Payment Links page and we will get one to you.

Speaking of official, the Official Shakori District Pinewood Derby Rules are available. I also highly recommend printing one or more of these car design templates from Boy’s Life to help your Scout, sibling, or adult design their car on paper before starting to cut.

Our Pinewood Derby will be Sat Feb 26 and the winning cars from our pack derby will advance to the inaugural Eno River District Derby the 2nd Saturday in March.

Locations, times, and in-person options will be coming soon as we know more. Both the pack and district derbies will be streamed live for all.

In order to give everyone a chance to vote on the design categories, we ask that everyone submit a well-lit photo of their car against a solid white background a week before the race (Feb 18) so we can get ballots assembled and collect votes. Specific details will come as we get closer.

If this is your first time or you would like some consulting from experienced builders, or you just need someone to help make some initial cuts or help get your wheels polished and aligned (the trickiest part), please reach out. We have several families with experience and tools who would be more than happy to help.

Also note, if you only wish to compete for design, not speed, there will be slightly relaxed weigh-in requirements around wheel alignment, etc. as called out in the District rules.

Most importantly, this is about having fun and cheering every car down the track! I can’t wait to see all the amazing cars we’ll have this year and find out who the big winners will be.

District-qualifying categories:

  • Lion Speed – Fastest Lion car
  • Speed – Fastest car
  • Scouts’ Choice – Scouts vote for their favorite car.
  • Superheroes
  • Scout themed – Anything that represents Scouting: Blue & Gold, camping, hiking, campfires, etc.
  • Most beautiful / best craftsmanship
  • Most original / unique

In all, we will send up to 13 cars to the District Derby!

Additional Pack categories

  • Parents’ Choice
  • Siblings
  • Adults


Kicking off a new year!

Welcome, families!

Your leadership team have been hard at work planning an exciting new program year and we can’t wait to get to see you all again. We’re ready to restart scouting. Den meetings will be starting up the week of Aug 24th and we’re planning a big recruiting event for new families. Please talk to your friends and tell them about all the fun you have and neat things you learn in Scouts.

For the latest information for everyone, please see these key links on our website:

We are also looking for more hands to help make this program a success. One of the biggest needs is to have more registered adults.

We ensure that we have a minimum of 2 registered adults for all activities and need to ensure that we cover gender balance. If you’re willing to fill out an application and take a short Youth Protection Training online, it will make a difference! Please contact anyone on the leadership team about how.

Virtual summertime activities for scouts

What are some fun summertime activities for your families during these times of physical distancing? We’ve tried to compile several lists, below. If you know of other activities, please send them our way!

Pack 93:

  • Summertime Activity Award: Each month this supper, send us photos, etc of you doing one or more of the activities in this packet to qualify for the Summertime Activity Award! Attending our Pack Advancement ceremony also counts for June! (PDF)


Virtual Camps:

Share Online:

  • Share your summer adventures on Instagram and tag #ScoutSummer2020


Navigating Distancing – 2020-2021 season

We miss all of you so much right now. Looking toward the fall when we kick off a new season, we are continuing to stay on top of the most current safety recommendations from appropriate agencies to keep our youth, leaders, and families safe. Of course things are easier and more fun together, when it makes sense. In planning the program for the 2020-2021 year, we are considering how we can build on the goals and values of Scouting in person, virtually, offline with handouts, or some hybrid. And, of course, we will “Do our best” to keep up with the latest recommendations.

These decisions are not only made by your leadership team, made up of parents who want to help us make the program better; we are bound by the guidelines of Scouts BSA at the National, Council, and District levels as well as our Chartered Organization, Pittsboro United Methodist Church who in turn is bound by the guidance of the United Methodist White Plains Conference of NC. And those are just our direct governing bodies! As you can imagine, that is a lot to track right now.

What do we know right now?

  • At this time Pittsboro UMC is recommending we avoid physical gatherings and their facilities are closed.
  • Hwy 55 is not offering fundraising opportunities in the Fall
  • Popcorn sale fundraising is up and running online at Trails End and through a mobile app. This is one of the best ways for friends and family to support both our local programs and all of the infrastructure we rely upon to offer our programs. Please sign-up and sell! Online orders are delivered directly to the buyer and non-contact is necessary.
  • For Cubs, Parents & guardians, “Akelas”, have always been allowed to sign off on any steps completed toward belt loops, etc. Please let your Den Leader know so we can enter the information in to and order those awards.
  • For Webelos and Arrow of Lights, parents or other adults in the scout’s family may sign off on requirements through July 31, 2020. Please let your Den Leader know so we can enter the information in to and order those awards.
  • Arrow of Light – Visit a Troop requirement: Dens can visit a virtual troop meeting to see the patrol method and youth leadership in action. Since the den cannot attend a troop campout or outing, the idea is for the den to function as a patrol while attending the virtual troop meeting. During this time, a virtual den meeting where the den functions as a patrol can be done. Elect a patrol leader, pick a patrol name, play a virtual game together as a patrol. Plenty of opportunities to Do Your Best to meet the intention of the requirement. Remember to maintain all youth protection standards online.

We are going to need your help! Your scouts miss their friends. As we begin getting back together in limited numbers and events, our youth have been missing their friends and at the young ages we work with, do not fully understand the seriousness of the rules we follow. We need your vigilance and help to keep to the limits of physical distancing, numbers in gatherings, masks, sanitizing, etc. Should anyone develop any symptoms within 14-days after an in-person event, please contact your leadership team so that we may alert others who were in that group of a possible exposure. We will NOT share names without your approval.


If you have any suggestions, concerns, comments, or want to know how you can help, please contact me or any member of the leadership team.

–Jere Julian
Cubmaster, Pack 93

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